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We're recruiting clinics to become sales distributors!

Low-carb foods are a hot topic in Japan right now for controlling blood sugar levels and effective diets. Otaru Dining, a leading company in Japan, is recruiting import sales distributors in Singapore for its desserts and breads.

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How it Works

Our products

What are Hokkaido Low-Carb Desserts?

Otaru Dining's desserts are delicious and use fresh Hokkaido milk, cream, and cheese--without using any sugar-heavy ingredients.

For sweetness, without using sugar, we use a safe sweetener mainly composed of naturally-derived sugar alcohols. We've made these desserts as sweet and delicious as desserts that use sugar.

Carb Comparison for the Same Amount of Madeleine

  • Regular Madeleine

    Regular Madeleine

    30g each, with 15.3g of Carb.

  • Otaru Dining's Madeleine

    Otaru Dining's Madeleine

    30g each, with 2.9g of Carb.

Product List

  • Hokkaido Melon Shortcake

    Hokkaido Melon Shortcake

    Low-Carb shortcake made by Hokkaido Melon.

    1. Energy 210kcal
    2. Carbohydrate 6.4g
    3. Inner capacity 68g
  • Hokkaido Melon Mousse

    Hokkaido Melon Mousse

    Creamy Low-Carb melon mousse made by Hokkaido Red Melon and cream cheese.

    1. Energy 275kcal
    2. Carbohydrate 8.6g
    3. Inner capacity 100g
  • Mango Pudding

    Mango Pudding

    This decadent premium pudding is made with mango and Hokkaido whipped cream.

    1. Energy 223kcal
    2. Carbohydrate 11.5g
    3. Inner capacity 100g
  • Hokkaido Milk & Vanilla Beans Flavor Ice-cream (Low-Carb)

    Hokkaido Milk & Vanilla Beans Flavor Ice-cream (Low-Carb)

    Sugar-free Milk & Vanilla Beans Healthy Low-Carb Ice-Cream made with Hokkaido fresh milk.

    1. Energy 75kcal
    2. Carbohydrate 4.2g
    3. Inner capacity 52g
  • Hokkaido Custard Cream Puff (Low-Carb)

    Hokkaido Custard Cream Puff (Low-Carb)

    Our Choux Pastry Low-Carb Custard Cream Puff is made using Hokkaido milk and soy flour.

    1. Energy 182kcal
    2. Carbohydrate 6.4g
    3. Inner capacity 60g
  • Soy Flour Brioche Bread

    Soy Flour Brioche Bread

    Low-Carb bread made with soy flour, Hokkaido milk, and rich butter (contains no wheat flour).

    1. Energy 283kcal per 100g
    2. Carbohydrate 6.5g per 100g
    3. Inner capacity 340g

Our customers

  • For Diabetic Patients

    For Diabetic Patients

    Diabetic patients can be treated with food therapy, without medication!

    Restricted sugar intake is currently drawing attention in Japan as one method of food therapy for diabetes. With all eyes on the fact that sugar is the only nutrient that cause blood sugar to rise, the practice of restricting sugar to suppress elevated blood sugar levels after eating and control blood sugar levels has begun to spread. At your clinic, you can make sales through meal guidance and provide in-clinic meals as a new method of medication treatment.

  • For Diet / Cosmetic weight loss

    For Diet / Cosmetic weight loss

    You can vitalize your system to always be burning fat!

    The idea that by reducing sugar intake, it is possible to vitalize your body to always be burning fat and make your diet more effective has been experiencing a boom recently, primarily in the realm of gyms and fitness. We've achieved great effectiveness with our two-pronged approach to diet programs addressing both exercise and food. All companies handling our products have improved their sales.

Huge diet success with our low-carb foods! No rebound even after more than one year!

Huge diet success with our low-carb foods! No rebound even after more than one year!


Distributors Testimonial in Japan

Ochanomizu Orthopaedic Medicine, Active Rehabilitation Clinic

Ochanomizu Orthopaedic Medicine, Active Rehabilitation Clinic

Target Customers

Patients with metabolic symptoms and diabetic patients with poor blood sugar level.


Working to treat joint pain through clinics' own rehabilitation practices and ensuring restricted sugar intake.
After treatment, we've heard of many happy customers say that they "finally quit painkillers" or "now I can walk without a cane".

Sales Record of Our Products

We are also active in recommending our products to patients, catering receptions and parties.

Product benefit

What is the benefit of restricting sugar intake?

Suppressing insulin secretion = Restricted sugar intake = Diet

Fat has generally always been seen as the main culprit behind obesity and diabetes. However, even though we are experiencing a trend towards reduced fat intake, obesity and diabetes have doubled in the past 30 years. Because of this, recently excessive sugar intake has finally gained attention in the United States and Japan, and restricting sugar intake is being tried out as food therapy for diabetes and an effective dieting method. By reducing sugar consumption, it is possible to vitalize your metabolism to always be burning fat and make dieting more effective.


Distributor's Conditions

Application Requirement Temporary sales distributor (clinic operator); must be a company registered as a corporation in Singapore.
Conditions Re-exporting and secondary processing prohibited.
Contract Methods Distributor agreement, sales agreements, memorandum of understanding, etc.
Product Prices No restrictions on retail prices; wholesale prices estimated for each lot.
Minimum Order Quantity At least 10 boxes
Payment Conditions Singapore dollars only